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    Just got the email. I am interested in Anne’s question posted back in Nov – why are these chain emails initiated in the first place? when i was a kid i remember the chain letters craze and you had to rewrite the letter however many times and then forward to as many people as possible or else suffer some hideous consequence. Is it jsut a bunch of weirdos with nothing else to do?

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    Wais, je vais retenir ça, je pense… Trop souvent je laisse les occasions passer parce que je ne veux pas brusquer les choses, mais bon… Ça fait en sorte que je suis encore tout seul après 3 ans. lolJe vais tenter de foncer un peu plus. Le pire, c’est que je faisais ça plus jeune et ça avait quand même de bons résultats, je sais pas pourquoi j’ai arrêté…

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    I agree with you on the vocals, although they might grow on me if I listened to it enough times. What I really like is that the music sounds like an off-kilter riff on a Zeppelin song. I’m just having a hard time placing which song it reminds me of.

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    , “Do you know that if I wear my cute Christmas sweater and a Santa hat we get to sit in the bigger seats with all the free juice?” He also noticed that this ploy worked better flying out of Mpls/St Paul than flying back in.

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    Ha ha, I'm so glad I didn't remove the rss feed when you announced you were closing scamp. Welcome back, can't wait to read your pieces again. When is your new book going to the press? I enjoyed the first one, and I've recommended it to people who were just starting in advertising, even though some of the stuff was very UK centric and wouldn't apply to other countries. Good luck with your startup, maybe it'll grow into an independent agency. Btw, what do you make of BBH's sale to Publicis?

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    Tutta la vita è fatta di considvisione, così come la scrittura. E per viverla fino in fondo bisogna tenere le ‘imposte sempre aperte’ proprio come scrivi tu. E sono d’accordo quando dici che scrivere non è qualcosa di neutro. Quello che leggiamo nei libri non rimane astratto.. Ogni capitolo, ogni riga, ogni singola parola ti cambia, aggiunge o porta via qualche pezzetto di te.

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    LAC, "We let the banks off the hook. Why weren't we protesting in the streets for help in the mortgage crisis.We continually allow the President, Congress and the military to lie and scam us into two un-winnable wars."Sounds like you are a progressive liberal black dem who has lost his way in America. We live in a capitalistic society. That means the money makers rule the system. It's always been that way; it's set up to function that way…Obama and Congress and the corporate world understand that, why can't you? Where have you been?

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    Dripper, you always find quality videos, and you are a great poster here. I hope your vacation won’t be too long, because you’ll be missed, but I hope it’s long enough that you’ll feel refreshed when you come “home” to PTZ!Please DO stay in touch from time to time! Also, I LOVE this video! (and the first thing I thought of was….you guessed it….Silly String! lolWell-loved.

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    Good post Jane. In my experience, it is mainly fear of failure which prevents people from pushing themselves further, in whatever they are trying to do. That old chestnut of being afraid of making mistakes comes back to haunt so many of us, but it is where we do the most learning. And it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of it! Thanks!

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    I like the time line flag thingy, and it seems to be easier to place the flag than it used to be dragging the dot. Well done :-)But Will some one please fix the comment options to be sticky!? I am fed up having to set to "See all comments" every time I log in. It used to stay from session to session until you changed the option box :-(Also the star ratings are not displaying on the related videos after watching a vid.Hahaha NOW you offer alternate names – bit late for me!!!

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    Alex I got that feeling very much from your postcard… the wordle version held a vivid sense of the scene… and made me want to read it Davina I’m realising that I need to do some journalling, and some experimentation with different forms of creativity too. Typing can only take us so far… I hope you find the time and space to do some experimenting too

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    My first batch of cookies always come out looking wonky for some reason. Maybe it’s the curse of the first batch or something along those lines!? I now want chocolate chip cookies and you have inspired me to bake! I might have to find a hedgehog recipe since I have never heard of them before but I love the ingredients in them!

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    Has anyone … Has anyone suggested to Lauren’s makeup artist that Lauren’s hair should be brushed backwards to showcase her neck and her skull and features. Try it she should look better, and I know it is difficult to look any better than she already does Was this answer helpful?

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    « Mais nous maintenons que les dégâts provoqués par la tempête Sandy sur cette partie des Etats-Unis méritaient, dans tous les cas, une couverture exceptionnelle. Sans renier l’importance de la catastrophe en Haïti. »Ok, mais vous ne répondez pas à la question essentielle pourquoi ????Et pourquoi censurez vous sur le live ces questions qui étaient pertinente ?

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    I agree. The Lord recently put on my heart to not only pray for the leadership in this country, but to get involved. So I have been attending our local township meetings. Lord willing, I may run at some point for a position. We must step up to the plate and prepare for action, even if it means getting hit by the ball.

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    Oh, I wanted to add one redeeming thing about this long-ass verdict I had to read…A court reporter sympathetically emailed me last nite that she hopes my fingers aren’t bloody from having to type this epic minute order, like she’s sure my vocal chords must be from having to read it. I wrote back, “Vocal chords being bloody is one thing…but I got to say ‘penis’ in front of everybody on the record! =)” And people think this job isn’t exciting.

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    For en fantastisk historie Astrid:-))…og tenk at du fikk all førstehÃ¥ndsinfo!!Det er sÃ¥ godt Ã¥ snakke med sÃ¥nne mennesker som har sÃ¥nt Ã¥ fortelle..Vi har masse krÃ¥ker som kommer særlig hele vinteren og skal ha mat..Alltid en eller to helt spesielle som liksom er vÃ¥re:-))Klokken er ca.halv elleve og allerede sååååååå mange som har gjordt innlegg:-)))Superduperdeilig dag & Stooor klem Randi

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    , leadership in the body of Christ should look and operate in the model of Christ. Christ was a strong leader yet still the servant of all. He had no problem telling Peter to get behind him. I think it behooves us all to to walk in humility and submission to one another even when the other is a “leader”.

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    ugh… i think my chances are winning are crap now. unless you have a bonus catagory for "obviously a beginning sew-er and clearly needs a fancy machine"yay you guys did great… my sad little potholder… im pretty sure i will burn myself if i try to use it… lol[]

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    Read the full interview and you did a great job, Mike. I’ve loved Quentin’s work from the very beginning (if you can’t appreciate the way he depicts violence in his films then you just don’t get his artistic vision…move on). This interview really shows us how much Quentin has grown and matured as a person and filmmaker, without losing his creativity or selling out. Looking forward to DJANGO and here’s hoping we have more than 3 Tarantino films left to look forward to!

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    Didnt HalfSac leave the show over some religious reasoning? I assumed he was a Scientologist or something. None of this makes sense. But then again, anything involving drugs ever does.

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    and second being your ‘ideology’ .i never said we should idolize Periyar. I request you to go back and read my text once again.And for your ease the gist of my last reply was this: i dint intend to glorify Dravidian ideologies or Dravidian parties. I said they did more good than harm. In the harm it produced we bear equal culpability as they – the Dravidian parties, do. Because we failed to steer them. we blindly followed them. we idolised them.And most of the claims you make seems very superficial and stereotypical to me. but i may be totally wrong.

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    Newly-released video captures employees from the social activist organization ACORN allegedly advising people posing as prostitutes and pimps how to cheat on taxes. Cynthia Bowers reports.,ACORN Misconduct On TapeRead Story: ACORN May Lose Gov’t Funds after ScandalSeptember 15,, 2009 4:12 PM

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    Henry- How do you come to that conclusion? I’m assuming you are referring to anal intercourse, which actually is not a major part of homosexuality. In fact, if you look at the statistics, more heterosexuals participate in anal intercourse then do GLBT couples. The human body has no problems with these differences in sexual orientation.

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    Più che a festeggiare stavo a lavorare, se mi permetti.Dopo di che penso che un clone di berlusconi nel centrodestra non esista e che per continuare a vincere servirà una figura diametralmente opposta, ossia Gianfranco Fini.Le risposte alle tue domande le scopriremo tra qualhe anno.

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