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    You mean the elections where new members had to be recruited just to pad the polls? You mean the elections where the incumbents had to spend $2000 to send out postcards to maintain their grip on control and still lost the presidency and two trustee seats and in reality lost the treasurer seat except through fraudulently counting ineligible voters. Those election numbers? OK, my mistake. You can’t even come up with original retorts. Watched a little too much Pee Wee Herman did ya?

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    Lowe was VERY top heavy. Almost strangely so. Is that because they had few blue-chip clients who needed experienced love? Interesting agency model, but it must mean that when one big account goes, a team or two must go with it. Don’t know anyone else who operates like this but it seems that this is point in the economic cycle is where it may not be ideal.(By the way, I LOVE Fallon’s good ads, just like I love everyone’s good ads. Hate F’s bad ones just like I hate Grey’s. Is that OK?)

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    Hoy leía por alguna parte el siguiente slogan: "Tu salud, su negocio". Y ese es el gran problema. Que algo tan básico para el ser humano ha llegado a convertirse en uno de de los comercios más rentables del mundo.Y así nos va…Desde luego que hay que cambiar muchísimas cosas en este sistema para mejorarlo, pero en algunos planteamientos yo personalmente sería incluso mucho más "burra" que tú.Un abrazo.

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    Que bueno que se ve…Tens la ma trencada no?Ya te he visto otros brazos de gitano y te quedan geniales.Yo hice uno que no nunca publiqué, y mira que me quedó bueno, pero para variar me quedó la masa muy gorda…Como le he dicho a Neus, hay cosas que me gustan, y deberé entrenarme ya que no me salen…Besos

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    Many of these are definitely incorrect. Things like rice having only a year shelf life… I’ve had a bag of rice that my family uses from for several years and there is not a thing wrong with it, tastes the same. And to agree with a previous comment, meats will last quite a bit longer in the freezer as long as they are properly sealed.

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    Sou uma leitora assídua, mas nunca comentei. Mas hoje tenho de o fazer! Porque me dizem exactamente o mesmo! E eu sinto-me nua! Tal e qual o descreves!!Sim, sou magra e depois?! Haja saúde!!!!!E também eu, fico sem resposta , sem reacção. Ai que nervos!!!Parabéns pelo blog!

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    what do you mean what and when The UFC controls what fighters fight but after that they cannot tell the judges i want this fighter to win of this would be a horrible tactic for making money because half of the matches dont even go to a decision the other half end via KO or Submission. WHen the judges make a good decision everybody applauds them they make a stupid mistake they are all of a sudden corrupt If your so smart go of and build a case against the UFC and stop acting like your so cool

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    she has evidence that Israelis helped to interrogate Iraqis at another facility.Brig Gen Janis Karpinski told the BBC she met an Israeli working as an interrogator at a secret intelligence centre in Baghdad.A BBC reporter says it is the first time a senior US officer has suggested Israelis worked with the coalition.The Israeli foreign ministry said the reports were completely untrue.

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    We have frequently found the RMNs sound asleep. They are looking after the most dangerous patients in the ward; how can it happen?==============================this is quite common . Nurses operate a one sleeping and one working on night shift. This is why you can never find a nurse at night. The Quality Care Commission rarely inspects during the night.

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    LuisMe parece de autentico lujo tu crítica. Estoy en total de acuerdo con las leyes de España, me acabo de comprar un Kindle y pagaré por libros electrónicos, y con ésto a ver si se dan cuenta los “sinde” que por las buenas, como es éste caso, podría la cosa ir muchísimo mejor que por las malas y no ganar nada.

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    I could connect with all your points. I belong to a small village. I did my schooling in Hindi medium. I wrote JEEE-mains in HIndi. Though, my rank was 2350, I could learn a lot from my classmates in IT-BHU because of JEE. Despite of my poor background, I pursued MBA(PGDM) from IIM-Ahmedabad. Credit for my achievements go to JEE.

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    After much thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a female. The skin looks so soft and subtle and tiny. I would venture to guess that this is a young woman probably in her early to mid 20s. Most women from India do not shave under their arms so I say young female…… Anyone else have any guesses? Male or female?

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    Interestingly, Greybeard, I also went straight to Robert Jordan when reading this – in particular JB’s comment on rule #5 “Know where you’re going and don’t waste time getting there “. If there’s one author who didn’t do that it’s Jordan. One of those series where it’s entirely impossible to keep the narrative path in your head – just try giving a 2 minute plot synopsis of Wheel of time.

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