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    when i was reading this marvellous poem for the second time… the beautiful imagery expanded more and i felt it encompasses human beings too…for us… it’s not our fame or rank or wealth but what’s happening under our branches… in our hearts that tells the story of our soul…just we should try to listen to this wisdom… of both trees and humans…Roxanne… i’d like to repeat that you are so wise…love to you

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    You know, for months people were turned off politics because it was so pathetic, so shallow, and so nasty, but now it seems like we’ve all realised that we don’t have to put up with it. In the middle of the year, a speech like Gillard’s wouldn’t have had the same reaction because most people weren’t aware of the nastiness and the sexism and the misogyny in public discussion. But now, BAM! We’re all right there with her.

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    that a Dr. West made a comment to her that a woman named Stanley had a baby. She was later one of Barack Obama's teachers. The woman did not claim that Dr. West delivered the baby only that he was aware of a birth.No, those COLB's were not used for just home births or other births. Several well known birthers have the same kind of colbs and they were born in hospitalsAlan Booth for example or Danae at Freerepublic. They both were issued the same type of short form birth certificate.

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    ce texte m’a fais reflechir sur que, nous ne pouvont pas faire de miracle s’en pratiquer. Cela dit, comme dans le texte, il faut y aller 1 étape a la fois, comme 1 marche de l’escalier a la fois.Ce qui aide aussi ,c’est de se faire confiance surtout dans les examins ou meme quand on pratique un exercise car l’important ce n’est pas d’etre parfait mais bien d’éssaiyer.

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    Jeg venter med spænding på den næste sæson af Pretty Little Liars. Den er så god!Så er jeg også rimlig lykkelig over de nye sæsoner af New Girl, Glee og How i met your mother lige er begyndt :-))

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    I agree, Clint performed throughout and Brandy did Okay. On the last task she flubbed up the prizes, Trumps golfing partners, she didn’t greet him when he arrived. The only thing Clint did was say “ya’ll” too much. I think Trump liked Brandy from the start as he addressed her quite often. You know he has a thing for younger women………

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    We have an emergency supply closet full of food for several days. The schools here have lock down (person with a gun)and fire drills. Even my oldest, who is in colege, has fire drills and lockdown preparation drills.Growing up in the middle of the cold war we used to have nuclear bomb drills too. It didn’t bother me then. But reading your story made me cry..-= Elise´s last blog .. =-.

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    The VAST majorty of the AG staff works on things you never even think or hear about, like DYFS cases and all the everyday suits that the state has to defend against. The lawyers for the most part make well under $100,000, with only a few reaching over that amount. This at a time when new lawyers out of law school are starting at $160k plus at big law firms. The AG may not be the best operation, but they are worth the money and needed.

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    What the jews want they usually get.And how will this ever change?One of the things they always want and usually get is for somebody else to carry their water and then take all the blame. That's the role Christians play vis-a-vis Israel.Would be nice if they stopped playing that role. Most people are opposed to the wars now, it would be a lot harder for jews to get their way if they couldn't always count on enthusiastic Christian support.

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    BruySe dit :Bravo pour votre action, c’est exactement ce qu’il faut faire. Je suis victime de ces appels. La dame ne lâche absolument rien, rappelle tous les soirs s’il le faut avec les mêmes faux arguments. C’est impressionnant. Et assez honteux, mais je pense que les valeurs morales, c’est pas trop le truc de M.SorretBruySe n’a pas voté(e) pour cet article.

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    Everything threat to our magnificent country from our Declaration of Independance to our global conflicts have been acheived through the blood of our men and women in uniform. Remembering and honoring their sacrifices is the least we can do. I commend those that took the time to prepare this mural. Let us all continue to pray for our armed forces. Dan, Denton, TX

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    Laudat fie Isus!Domnule Cruceru, as dori sa va intreb care ar fi cea mai potrivita modalitate de a va contacta in legatura cu o problema de natura personala? Evident, in masura in care sunteti dispus la a da niste sfaturi. Este adresa dvs. de gmail pe care ati precizat-o la datele de contact potrivita pentru asa ceva?Va multumesc!Cu stima,Alexandru.

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    . . . .for those of us who find the day and its celebrations vapid, meaningless and incapable of reflecting any sort of lived and contested reality it is because any sense of conflict over meaning is bad for sales. it is.Good grief. Pictures of a cowering PM being protected by big blokey cop. The stuff of Hollywood. Can’t help thinking though that a scary moment wake up call, can only help.

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    Je regarde beaucoup trop de guilty pleasures :Gossip Girl (que j’ai envie d’arrêter depuis la fin de la saison 1 mais que je continue malgré la médiocrité)90210 (que j’ai absolument trouvé nuuul pendant 2 saisons mais que j’ai suivi quand même alors que je n’aimais vraiment pas et me voilà à aimer la saison 3…)Teen Wolf qui s’améliore d’épisode en épisode je trouve.Pretty Little LiarsJ’en ai suivi beaucoup d’autres dont la qualité était assez basse mais la plupart se sont terminés ou j’ai réussi à les arrêter à un moment.

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    de muur is een zegen voor de israelische bevolkingGoede zaak, iedere overheid is verplicht zijn bevolking te beschermen, alleen dient de “muur”op de grenzen van 1967 gebouwd te worden.hoor niemand overDe muur op CyprusDe muur die Zuidafrika tussen haar land en Zimbabwe heeft gebouwdDe muur die saoedi tussen haar land en Irak wil bouwen.De muur om de Spaanse enclacve in MarrokoIk denk dat ik er nog wat vergeten ben

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    According to the Canadian Nuclear FAQ we seem to do a lot better overseas than at home on nuclear projects 1996 Cernavoda-1 Romania On budget, on schedule1997 Wolsong-2 South Korea On budget, on schedule1998 Wolsong-3 South Korea On budget, on schedule1999 Wolsong-4 South Korea On budget, on schedule2002 Qinshan-4 China On budget, 6 weeks ahead of schedule2003 Qinshan-5 China On budget, 4 months ahead of schedule2007 Cernavoda-2 Romania On budget, on scheduleEndless delays have hampered the Bruce Project as they did the Darlington mostly do to regulatory interference, apparently when these are minimized these builds can be done on time and on budget.

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    Como a Mirella falou, quando eu tambem imigrei em 2003 nao existiam tantos blogs como agora. O motivo da criacao do meu foi exatamente a falta de informacoes, pois quando estava procurando nao encontrava. Dai a necessidade (e pq nao dizer o dever) de mostrar a nossa realidade por aqui.Alias, conheci o Blog da Mirella pouco tempo depois de ter chegado a Toronto.Beijo e parabens pelo excelente post

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    You know what I hate when small children decide it’s time to get up? Their teeny pointy little fingers prying open your eyelids. And who was the clown that taught Ellie to sing “Good Morning! Good Morning! I’ve slept the whole night through!” when patently she hasn’t!

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    Yep, your picks totally make me want to cozy up! Those PJ pants + that candle…yes please.PS. I adore your blog 🙂 So glad I found it! I’m a fellow interior designer (well, almost! I’ll graduate with my bachelor’s in design in June!)

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    It wasn’t helping in the sense of giving aid. Rather it helped turn people to the cause of the Viet Cong as the Viet Cong were fighting the American armed forces in Vietnam. People were more likely to join the Viet Cong when their friends, family, and neighbors were killed by American service men. It wasn’t a simple case of the Viet Cong decieving the people by telling them Americans were killing Vietnamese citizens. The people could see the Americans doing so.

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    comentou em 23 de abril de 2010 às 04:09. “gente como a gente”, elas nunca foram,nè? A nao ser para aquelas que moram no “super upper east jardins” !Mas realmente o filme conseguiu torna-las mais “irreais”.E fofa que disse que a Samantha ta velha: passa botox na lingua que passa.E por fim: realmente os dois gatos sao, cada um à propria maneira, otimos. A Carrie é que é meio porre (as vezes)Pronto falei ^_^

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    Wow! I'm so glad you liked the Peruvian tunes, Carolyn! =) I was so curious how people would take to it. =) Thank you so much for your kind words! =) I was feeling like I needed some inspiration myself. =P And *you* have inspired me too, with your personal story! I had no idea that you were a SAHM! =) I wholeheartedly agree that spending time with family is worth more than any salary. =)

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    Posted by on September 06, 2012 at 6:33 pm Suzanne,Sounds like another “Ah Ha” moment to me. These are the ones to share for sure. There are plenty of “How to” stuff out there, and we will always make more of those. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.I’m glad you liked the Monday Mindset video. Thanks for your comment.Ken

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